Gillingham Dorset Business | 3 Autumn – A New Beginning
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3 Autumn – A New Beginning

01 Sep 3 Autumn – A New Beginning

There is an element of newness in the air despite us nearing the, dare I say, end of the year.   Maybe it’s because I was once involved in education or sports club management; August 31 is the cut off for the school year and sports teams all move up to a new under age group.

Here at the Gillingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) we love beginnings, the feeling of freshness and the excitement of what is to come.  Maybe new businesses will join this autumn, perhaps technology will provide a different tool for helping our members even more.  Who knows?  It may be the autumn of the year but still the start for a lot of new ideas and hopes which have been bubbling around looking for sound foundations over the summer months.

GCCI would look to wish all the school children a great new year.  Many tiny tots will be dressed in uniform for the first time and joining one of the four primary schools in town.  Maybe a few motherly tears will be shed as they watch their precious little ones venture out of the homely nest leaving space for a cottage industry to start, or a hobby to develop into a business.   Other children will be moving schools and joining the top school with thoughts about new friends, new subjects and teachers.   Children joining years 11, 12 and 13 will all have their thoughts on exams and future careers with a whole host of options available to them.  We hope we can offer some ideas at our Gillingham Skillfest evening on 17 October.   GCCI would also like to welcome Paul Nicholson to the new post of Headteacher at Gillingham School, an exciting time for him with both the start of a new career and a new school year.

September Sundays bring with it a new rugby season with hopes and dreams of success for both youngsters and adults at our local club; North Dorset RFC.  There is also a new look to the collaborated meetings of the Gillingham Breakfast Club (Farnfields Solicitors, Andrews and Palmer and supported by Gillingham Chamber) which are held every 3 months at NDRFC.  The next one being on Tuesday 19 September, so please make sure you are on the invite list if you are a business in the Gillingham Area.   Gillingham football and hockey clubs kick off their new seasons bringing in new fresh players and we wish all our local sports teams a great season and hope to celebrate many of their successes.

Here at the Chamber of Commerce in Gillingham we are at the beginning of a new chapter of our history with the launch of our social media programme to support and build our members businesses and their profiles within the local community.   We have asked members Vale Secretarial to help develop our links via social media, not only with our members but also the business world.

Business is changing rapidly and it is difficult to stay ahead of the game.  We feel as a business club we should set an example and lead the way.  We now have a facebook page and twitter account so please follow us, interact with us so we can promote your membership and business.

Linking, liking, sharing and re-tweeting is good to get your business out to the forefront of people’s minds just as it helps our profile in the business world.   If you are a member of GCCI make sure we have your details correct so we can mention you on our pages.  Let us share your news with our members.

If you do not have a social media policy and would like an informal chat contact vale secretarial on 01747 823699  or email .



Vale Secretarial



Gillingham Business Breakfast   Tuesday 19 September     Lucy Milton-Downes, Partner (sent on behalf of Farnfields Solicitors and Andrews and Palmer)_

Gillingham Skillfest   Tuesday  17 October    Gillingham Chamber (

Victoriana Fayre   Saturday 2 December   Gillingham Chamber (









Promoting your business and raising your profile. #lovegillingham #ourtownyourbusiness