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31 Oct A: World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day  Tuesday 10th October 2017 Over the past years, many people including  Norman Lamb (during his time as minister) have fought tirelessly in the UK to reduce the historic inequality between the way physical and mental health are treated in the NHS and...

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01 Oct 2 Apprenticeships – The Future

There has for a long time been an air of mystery over the word apprentice. In the distant past an apprentice might be a lad taken out of school with little or no education to learn a trade. A derogatory name to cover up ineptitude or...

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11 Sep B: Our Rotary Colleagues

Gillingham Rotary Update. In recent weeks our members have given to all year six children in Gillingham and Mere an illustrated dictionary, “Dictionary 4 Life” Cost approximately £550.00. We have helped at the Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show in many ways. Also at the Sturminster Newton Cheese Festival by...

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